3 Edtech Tools Guaranteed To Grab Your Students Attention

March 25, 2017

In a changing social media-crazed smartphone landscape, classrooms have not adapted. Progressive teaching methods should no longer require reading from a board or printed handout. Enjoy three easy ways to engage students with more technology.

Pixton Comic Maker

Most teachers are still using dense print text and monotone lectures in an unsuccessful attempt to engage the YouTube and Instagram generation. The reality is that almost all students today are visual learners. Reading or hearing a description is not sufficient. They need to see and visualize a new skill or concept in action in order to understand it. While it may seem difficult to teach new concepts and skills using visuals, it doesn’t have to be.

Instead of creating a worksheet or PowerPoint slide, teachers can create a comic on Pixton to illustrate a concept or skill. It’s easy. Teachers can create a visual storyboard, mind map, comic strip, character map, graphic novel, timeline, plot diagram or poster that contains characters, backgrounds, props, dialogue, thought bubbles, panel descriptions, and titles. By combining words and images teachers can create visual representations of any concept or skill. Visualization is the key to reading comprehension and memory retention. If a student can visualize it in their mind, they can understand it and remember it. When teachers use comics to introduce ELA, History, Science and Math concepts, process, and skills, students will learn faster and remember for longer.

Pixton Comics Schools


Formative capitalizes on the fact that every child and teen is glued to their screen. For this reason, the easiest way to engage students is to replace every pen and paper assignment with an activity that can be completed on a computer or tablet. Formative makes the transition from print to technology quick and painless. You can engage students in seemingly traditional independent practice handouts or written tests by simply uploading the documents to Formative. Every single printable student activity and assessment can be uploaded online instead of printed as a hard copy. Once you upload, share the assignment code with students and they will instantly be glued to their screen as they complete their assignments online. For an added bonus – instead of grading a stack of papers, you can access student answers in real time and grade completed assessments from your smartphone or computer.



Administrators are constantly urging teachers to “hook” student interest. Students are forever enthralled with viral YouTube videos. For student-tested, teacher-approved mini-lessons and hooks, create video-centered lesson plans using Ted-Ed. Ted-Ed offers an exhaustive collection of high quality and highly engaging videos to introduce academic content and skills. Simply click “Create a Lesson” and then browse thousands of videos from “Causes of WWI” to “Identifying the Theme in Literature” to “Solving for X” and more. You can share the video link with students or add the following simple, yet effective lesson plan components for a complete lesson plan: Introductory script to read before playing the video; post-video reading response and discussion questions; supplemental information read aloud during the mini-lesson; and a concluding activity. Engaging students in more technology is easy with Ted-Ed’s lessons worth sharing.

Pixton Comic Maker, Ted-Ed and Formalize make it easy to engage students in more technology during mini-lessons, guided practice and independent practice. Don’t compete with screens and social media in the classroom, weave visual, video and screen-based learning into your instruction every single day.

Ted Ed


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