An Interview With the Band Friday 14

April 26, 2017

Friday 14 is a brand new music project born as a result of collaboration between two independent singer-songwriters and music producers. Together they have a created a fresh and exciting indie meets Britpop sound for their music.

Their new single, “12 Hours” features the relationship ups-and-downs of two superheroes trying to juggle saving the world and finding time for themselves in this hectic modern world. For the music video, Friday 14 paired their catchy, upbeat music and lyrics with Pixton comics!

We were so impressed with this creative use of Pixton, so we sat down with Friday 14 to learn more about this up-and-coming songwriting duo, their creative process and how they used Pixton to create their fun and comic inspired music video for “12 Hours”.

Pixton: Hello, Friday 14! We are so excited to chat with you!

Friday 14: Hello, Pixton team! So are we! This is, in fact, our project’s first interview, since we are still very, very new!

Pixton: Before we dive into the music video, tell us a little about yourselves. How did you two become a creative and songwriting duo?

Friday 14: Incidentally, we used to work within the context of a different music project for a while, alongside other musicians and producers. But somehow we spotted each other. He was a UK and US award-winning producer. She had performed on some prestigious stages.

We had similar tastes in music and we turned out to be likeminded in songwriting and music production. Besides, we shared the same birthday, Friday 14 – in different years, though, which made the fact even more interesting. So we came up with this idea to initiate a new joint collaborative duo-project together, where we would put aside our successful music pasts and start everything from scratch, without using our music industry connections or mentioning our real names or locations – as if we were a brand new entry-level incognito team doing their best to break through.

We named our project Friday 14, for two reasons: firstly, because of the birth date we shared, that’s obvious; secondly, Friday 14 is a pun phrase, suggesting the notion of a lucky day, as opposed to the traditional unfortunate Friday 13 – so the name reflected the positive message our music conveyed.

Pixton: How did you learn about Pixton? What drew you to the platform?

Friday 14: We thought a comics-based music video would go really well with our debut song “12 Hours”, its upbeat tune and somewhat absurd lyrics. Learning to use computer-based comics creation software required a lot of time. So we opted to look for an easier and quicker option online. Google search revealed a few websites for creating comic strips. We checked them all and found the platform to be the best of all, in terms of its nice-looking characters, ease of use, rich and beautiful template library and multiple editing possibilities. We felt the Pixton platform was offering us the whole spectrum of tools necessary for depicting any creative storyline with the help of comics.

Pixton: Storytelling is a key element in writing a song or plotting out a narrative for a music video–tell us a bit about your creative process for the video. How did you develop the story? How did you map it out?

Friday 14: Music videos normally narrow down the broader meaning of a song, don’t they? With a music video, you kinda impose this or that specific pattern for visualising the song. But even facing such an inevitable risk, we nevertheless decided to at least catch the amusing and naively absurd spirit of our song “12 Hours” and present it through a music video.

As a result of that, two characters sprang up in our mind: superheroes, male and female, who get tired of their daily duties and wish to take some time off to enjoy themselves. We mapped the story out based on the song’s verses, chorus, bridge, intro, instrumental solo, and outro. The idea was to show some fragments of the characters’ everyday routine, as well as their wishful thinking, according to the song’s lyrics.

Pixton: It was really interesting to see how you used Pixton Comic stills and wove them into your music video. I think that’s something that other members of the Pixton community would be interested in doing. What tips or advice do you have for others who want to utilize this technique?

Friday 14: Initially, we thought we would use Pixton’s animation tool, but eventually ended up creating static scene sets merged into one extensive slideshow. Our approach was based on imagining we had stills off some video or animation footage featuring long, medium, and close-up shots and also various camera angles. After exporting high-res stills, we used Photoshop to assemble them into slides.

Next, we created groups of scene-related stills – about 8-10 for each slide. Adding old film effects and motion to all the slides (jump ins and outs, zoom ins and outs, positioning, panning) with Final Cut Studio was our final phase. But, of course, the major portion of the work was done on the Pixton online platform, which made our comics-based music video a reality.

Pixton: We really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us about your creative process, your music, and Pixton! How can people learn more about you and stay up to date on your next release?

Friday 14: And we appreciate you being the first to interview us! A big and sincere thank you! You are awesome! We really enjoyed using your website! Like we have said earlier, we are starting everything from scratch. We don’t perform live at the moment, and we don’t have a website yet. Our online presence is currently limited to Twitter (please follow @friday14music) and Youtube (please subscribe –

Our collaboration has so far resulted in 7 songs. We will soon be publishing them in the form of our debut EP album. The genre is Indie pop, Modern Britpop and Melodic Electropop.

Anyone who has ever liked Keane, Bastille, Coldplay, Oh Wonder, Lucy Rose, Jon Bellion and Paul McCartney, will definitely like our sound and our music, too.

Pixton: Thanks so much for sharing your Pixton story with us! Best of luck and we are looking forward to that new EP!

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