Top 10 Free Open Ed Resources

September 28, 2017

Open education resources are any K-12 curriculum materials, educational videos, edtech resources, lesson plans, quizzes, student handouts, teacher guides or any classroom resources that are available for free online. Enjoy the most comprehensive free curriculum for any grade and any subject below.

  1. OER Commons

OER Commons is essentially a search engine for free open education resources. Search for any subject, grade or lesson topic for an extensive list of free downloadable education resources. Enjoy complete lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, student handouts and more.

2. Pixton Comic Maker

The best free activity for students to actively engage in lessons is to have them create visuals to represent new information, processes and skills. Instead of pen and paper assignments, Pixton Comic Maker allows teachers and students to easily create professional comic images of any academic concept. KWL charts, mind maps, storyboards, timelines, plot diagrams and character maps are the perfect way to engage reluctant readers, struggling learners, and students with learning disabilities or behavior concerns. In ELA, Pixton Comic Maker is ideal for students to illustrate conflict, characterization, plot, theme, figurative language, author’s purpose, essay writing steps and more. In History, teachers or students can create: visual timelines to remember significant events; mind maps to organize key terms and features of civilizations, geographical regions, time periods and political parties; storyboards to illustrate cause and effect scenarios of war; character maps to learn about historical figures; and comic strips to detail important technological advancements. In science, story boards, mind maps and comics can illustrate a variety of scientific processes and terms.

3. Math Drills

Sometimes nothing can replace a simple worksheet. If you need free printable math worksheets, Math Drills is the most comprehensive free open education resource for math handouts. Download hundreds of worksheets in each of 26 categories: Addition, subtraction, multiplication facts, long multiplication, division, mixed operations, algebra, base ten blocks, decimals, fact families, fractions, geometry, graph paper, integers, measurement, money, number lines, number sense, order of operations, patterning, percents, place value, powers of ten, statistics, time, and word problems. For even more math fun, there are free math flashcards, sodoku, and free holiday-themed math worksheets for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and more. Never create another math worksheet again.

4. Engage NY

Created by New York educators to align with common core curriculum, this open ed resource is relevant to any grade-level teacher in any state or country. Engage NY is the most comprehensive curriculum resource available for Math and English teachers. It offers complete yearlong curriculum plans, broken down by complete units and complete no prep lesson plans and student handouts for every single day of the year. These free printable lesson plans and student handouts are available for preschool through 12th grade. Math and English teachers can now print and teach with zero planning and zero cost.

5. Teacher Tube

In the YouTube and Snapchat generation, teachers need videos to engage student interest and to visually demonstrate complex concepts and skills. Unfortunately, most schools block YouTube – even for teacher use. TeacherTube exists to solve this problem. It can be accessed and projected from any school computer or SmartBoard. Simply search by keyword or lesson topic and pick from top-rated videos. The comprehensive database contains thousands of free educational videos to replace or supplement teacher lectures.

6. HippoCampus

HippoCampus is created exclusively for high school students. Unlike other educational video providers, HippoCampus videos are conveniently organized by high school subject: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Advanced Math, Statistics, Probability, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Science, Economics, History, Government, Sociology, English and Religion. High school teachers can use the units and included videos in sequential order for a yearlong curriculum of no prep mini lessons and lecture alternatives.

7. Khan Academy

Also for high school teachers, Khan Academy is the ideal alternative to traditional mini lessons, lectures, guided practice, review sessions and test prep. Khan Academy offers extremely short videos and practice questions perfect for engaging teenagers with a short attention span. It covers: K – 12 Mathematics including AP Calculus AB/BC; Grades 9 – 12 Science, including Astronomy; Electrical Engineering and all AP science offerings; World History, Art History and AP US History; Grammar and SAT Reading and Writing; Micro and Macro Economics; and every other high school subject in Math, Science, Finance, Computing, Art and the Humanities. Every subject is broken up into many bite-size skills. Every skill is further broken up into 30 – 110 bite-size activities to “master” that skill. Activities consist of very short videos and one practice question at a time to review key understandings. Students can review as a class or work independently as they track their progress to master each skill and subject area.

8. Teachers Pay Teachers

If you are in need of free lesson plans, student printables and PowerPoints, Teachers Pay Teachers is self-advertised as “the first and largest educational marketplace with more than two million original teacher-created resources.” They offer paid products as well as thousands of high quality free products for every subject and grade-level. Simply search for your desired lesson, handout, PowerPoint, classroom décor or classroom organization resource and filter to view only “free” education resources. Download and enjoy instantly.

9. Teacher Sherpa

Teacher Sherpa exclusively offers free education materials for all subject areas and grade levels. Instantly download PowerPoint presentations, print PDF lesson plans and handouts, or adapt editable documents using teacher Sherpa editing tools. Every resource is approved by Teacher Sherpa before going live to ensure extremely high-quality free teaching resources. As an added benefit, you can preview the complete product before deciding to download. Sign up for a free membership for two free downloads a month. For as low as $3 a month, sign up for the premium membership for unlimited free downloads.

10. Share My Lessons

Share My Lesson contains thousands of free downloadable lesson plans and student handouts created by teachers for teachers. Search by keyword or lesson title, browse by grade level or subject area, or search by common core standard. This extensive database contains teacher and student materials for preschool through high school. Unlike the sites listed above, Share My Lessons allows you to search for culturally relevant lessons in the following unique categories: Classroom Management Strategies; Social Justice Issues; Healthy School Climate; Helping Students Cope with Traumatic Events; and Social Emotional Learning. Everything is free and most resources are offered in editable formats to adapt to your specific needs.

Enjoy the free open education resources above for free curriculum materials, free teaching videos, free lesson plans, free student printables and free student activities for no prep effortless teaching.

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