How to Effortlessly Use Pixton for Tomorrow’s No-Prep Lesson Plan

November 22, 2017

Are you thinking about introducing your first Pixton Comic lesson to students? We have made it effortless to start using Pixton Comic Maker in your classroom. Don’t wait. Simply share the “Quick Start for Students” URL with students to effortlessly roll out your very first Pixton Comic lesson. Follow the easy steps below today and enjoy a no prep, student-led lesson tomorrow… and every day of the year.

Before Class Steps:
  1. Sign up (for a free trial) and login with email and password
  2. “Name your Group” a.k.a your class
  3. Select your grade level and subject
  4. Save your group!
    • Click “New Group” to create as many classes as you like.
    • Get immediate chat support or schedule a free and easy webinar to be personally guided through any questions.
  5. Click “Create a New Activity”
  6. Click the “Quick Start for Students” lesson for your first activity – for an effortless no prep lesson plan to introduce students to Pixton:
  7. Click “Import Comic” to add the “Quick Start for Students” lesson activities to your group and to share the link with students!
  8. Click “Add People” and “Give Them a Link” to save and share the unique lesson URL with students in class – to have them instantly and effortlessly begin their online Pixton activity using a short URL!
    • Or if you prefer to give your students usernames and generic passwords in class (instead of giving them a URL to create their own username and password) – click “Add People” and “Let Me Do It” to input all of your students’ names, usernames and passwords
    • At anytime, you may click the Pixton logo in the top center of your screen to access your home screen, groups, activities and student lists
  9. Write the “Quick Start for Students” URL on the board before the start of class
    • Or display, and student usernames and generic passwords on the board before the start of class
During Class Steps:
  1. Welcome students to class: Direct students to sit down at personal computers or tablets. Then use the introductory script below.
  2. Introductory script: “Today, instead of a traditional lesson plan, you are going to, in just a moment, work independently on your computers to create comics! I will circulate to provide assistance and answer questions, but you will have all of the instructions you need right on your computer. Simply go to the URL on the board. Once you are logged in, simply follow the Pixton Comic activity instructions that will automatically appear on your screen to begin creating your online comics!”
    • Script for login option 1: “To begin, go to the URL on the board and create a username and password using your full name and a generic password you will remember. Then, write down your username and password in a place you won’t lose it. If your username is taken, simply add your date of birth (mmddyy) to the end of your username until it is accepted. If you do not use your name, I will not know which comic is yours and you will not receive a grade for your comic. Raise your hand if you have any questions. Click the Internet icon (Google Chrome, Safari), login and begin!”
    • Script for login option 2: “To begin, go to the URL on the board and enter the username and password that I provided for you. Raise your hand if you have any questions. Click the Internet icon (Google Chrome, Safari), login and begin!”
  3. After your introductory script, simply circulate as students read the self-guiding instructions for an effortless student-guided mini lesson, guided practice, independent practice and assessment – complete with exemplar comics and 5-point rubrics for easy grading!
After the Lesson
  1. Login to Pixton Comic Maker
  2. Click your “Group” and “Student List”
  3. Click each student username to view and grade (optional) each of their comics!
Make Pixton Part of Your Daily Routine!
  1. Jumpstart a “Pixton of the Week” routine with “Pixton Mondays” or “Comic Fridays” for a fun no prep lesson plan every single week.
  2. To choose your weekly no prep Pixton lesson plans, simply click “Create a New Activity” and “Import from Lesson Plan” to browse hundreds of common-core-aligned, academically rigorous and relevant lessons for your ELA, Social Studies or other subject area class.
  3. Are you an ELA teacher? For an entire year of no prep comic-based lessons, use our “ELA Reading Bundle” and “ELA Writing Bundle” containing tons of activities to cover every ELA-skill you will ever need to teach!
  4. Need a lesson that isn’t listed? Simply click “Request a Lesson Plan” at the bottom of the lesson browse screen and we will create a no prep lesson plan for you. Every lesson contains complete instructions, opening and closing discussion questions, three activities, exemplar comics and rubrics.
Do you really need to create your own Pixton activity or lesson plan? It’s easy!
  1. On your home page, click “New Lesson Plan”
  2. In your new lesson plan, add a “Title”
  3. Add optional “Opening Discussion” and “Concluding Discussion” questions
  4. Click “Save” in order to click to add “New Activity”
  5. In your activity, add a “Title” and student-friendly “Instructions”
  6. Choose which “Layout” you want students to create: “Comic, Storyboard, Mind Map, Character Map, Plot Diagram, Timeline, Photo Story, Graphic Novel, Poster, etc.”
  7. Choose a “Preset Rubric” aligned with specific academic activities or simply choose to “Grade out of 5 Stars”
  8. Click “Student Handout Comic” to choose a professionally completed character map, plot diagram, timeline, etc. to show students an exemplar comic to guide their work
  9. Click “Example Comic” if you want to see an exemplar comic that will be hidden from students.

You’re done! Simply share the activity URL with students in class and let them begin!

How will Pixton’s comic-based lessons help you and your students?
  • Enjoy no prep lessons that are culturally relevant, highly engaging, academically rigorous and fun using Pixton’s introductory “Quick Start” lesson plan, ELA bundles and hundreds of subject and grade specific activities.
  • Effortlessly incorporate EdTech and blended learning into every lesson.
  • Consistently differentiate instruction (content, process and product) to meet the needs of struggling readers, reluctant writers, visual and kinesthetic learners, and students with attention disorders.
  • Students with learning disabilities and behavioral concerns will be enthusiastically engaged in academically rigorous reading and writing activities every single day.

Don’t wait. Start using Pixton Comic Maker in class today for effortless differentiation, blended learning, student engagement and classroom management!

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