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February 19, 2018

Teach the complete K – 6 or 7 – 12 math curriculum with three of the best blended learning edtech tools below.


Need to demonstrate how to solve a math problem by writing the steps and recording your voice on a tablet? Clarisketch is the easiest tablet drawing and narration tool available. In three simple steps, you can model solving a math problem or equation from a worksheet directly on your smartphone or tablet. First, take a picture of the worksheet or even a blank piece of paper. Second, automatically record your writing and voice explanation as you solve the math problem directly on the tablet surface. Third, share the recorded video via email or Google drive. Done! If you have a blended classroom, you can share the video to student’s online learning platforms to view independently. For whole-class instruction, send the video to yourself to play for the entire class during your next math mini-lesson. This math edtech tool functions as a second teacher in the classroom; Allow your pre-recorded Clarisketch video to “teach the class” as you circulate to support struggling students. Best of all, this effortless math edtech tool is free.

Motion Math

The Motion Math blended learning tool allows K – 6 students to practice every common core math standard through nine categories of fun online math games. Children can independently access games online using individual computers or using the app on personal tablets. Simply add children’s names to the “roster” and give students the 5-digit access code to access the app or website. While students play and track their own scores, you can track how many minutes they spend practicing each common core skill. You can also see whether a student has “passed” or “failed” a level, or if they are “approaching mastery.” Instead of spending hours on grading and differentiating, simply record student “mastery levels” and allow individual students to spend more time on the skills they struggle with the most.

Motion Math tracks student mastery of math skills along with SEL-aligned skills. SEL stands for social emotional learning. Many school districts now require teachers to have SEL-aligned curriculum to teach students emotional intelligence. Motion Math makes it easy to incorporate SEL into a blended learning Math curriculum by tracking student levels of “growth mindset,” “confidence,” “productive strategy” and “self-regulation.”

Start with the 30-day free trial to try out four of the nine categories of math skills before you commit. For only $40 a year, you will never have to create or grade a boring worksheet again. Instead, enjoy fun, no prep games that teach every common core math skill for grades K – 6.

Tablet Class

Tablet Class is the only edtech tool you will ever need for your grade 7 – 12 math curriculum. This comprehensive blended learning tool completely replaces the teacher. Every course teaches just one skill at a time. Every skill includes: a comprehensive lesson video taught by a certified math teacher; skill review notes; practice problem worksheets; chapter tests; step-by-step explanatory answer keys to review incorrect worksheet and test answers; and tracking software that automatically grades and re-teaches skills to ensure long term mastery.

Tablet Class can be used in a completely flipped classroom with individual student tablets or in a traditional low-tech classroom, study hall or home school environment. Play the teaching video to the entire class or allow students to access them independently from their personal tablets. The review sheets, practice worksheets and tests can all be saved electronically or printed. Low-tech printables allow all students to move at the same pace, while online or app access allows students to move at their own pace in an independent or blended learning environment

The Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus and GED math courses can all be accessed for only $160 a year. You will enjoy more than your money’s worth as every course contains over 100 hours of lesson videos, thousands of practice problems and solutions, plus no prep grading and differentiation.

Whether you teach elementary, middle or high school math, make a painless switch to the blended classroom using these effortless edtech tools for K – 12 math.

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